The Division of Sleep Medicine at Harvard Medical School is dedicated to establishing the model program in sleep and circadian biology.  Toward this goal, the Division of Sleep Medicine works to mobilize the intellectual and scientific resources at Harvard to create and sustain groundbreaking programs that will educate the medical and lay populations, impact public policy, foster collaborative research, and set new standards of clinical practice. 

Guided by this mission, the Division of Sleep Medicine has defined and pursues the following goals and objectives: 

  • To establish permanence of Sleep Medicine at HMS
  • To create a model program in sleep and circadian biology
  • To enable evidence-based policy making through research
  • To educate physicians and their patients about the importance of sleep and the impact and treatment of sleep disorders
  • To enhance medical education in the area of sleep and sleep medicine through new and novel materials and channels
  • To foster collaborative research
  • To develop guidelines and raise standards for clinical practice