Harvard Affiliated Clinical Sleep Programs
Listing and descriptions of Harvard-affiliated clinical sleep programs, with referral and contact information.

Educational Resources
Find links to both public and medical educational resources.

National Sleep Research Resource (NSRR)
Large collections of de-identified data and tools for sleep researchers.

The Geography of Light Exposure 
A spatiotemporal exposure model to estimate population-level environmental circadian misalignment (ECM) light exposure from the Fred Hutch Cancer Center.

Coming to Boston/Harvard
Whether you are just visiting Harvard Medical School, or moving to Boston to take a Fellowship or Faculty position, find maps, travel and housing tips, and other useful information.

Resources for Trainees and Faculty

Trainees' Portal Page
Guide to information on this website most relevant to Trainees.

Content Submission Guidelines
Forms, guidelines, instructions, and other information regarding site content updates, updating your profile page, and submitting your research unit information.

Affiliation with the Division of Sleep Medicine
Information for Faculty on affiliation with the Division of Sleep Medicine and application materials.

Career Development
Find career development resources, schedules of seminars and workshops, and links to funding opportunities, and information on Harvard appointment and promotion process.

Training Resources
A variety of helpful information and links to NIH and NRSA Research Training Grants and Fellowships pages, the National Postdoc Association (NPA) website, and the Training Manual for Basic and Clinical Sleep Research and Sleep Medicine of the Sleep Research Society and American Academy of Sleep Medicine. 

Individual Funding Applications Help
Find tips for Pre- and Post-doctoral Trainees on preparing Individual Funding Applications.

Academic Research Resources
Links to Harvard, Hospital and Federal information and resources related to academic research.

Sleep & EEG Core
The Sleep & EEG Core within the Division of Sleep Medicine (DSM) provides an integrated infrastructure and knowledge base in support of research projects that use polysomnography (PSG), quantitative EEG analysis and related methodologies.

Harvard University Funding Portal
Browse all funding opportunities on the Harvard University Funding Portal (HUFP). Harvard affiliates (faculty, students, and staff) should always log in with Harvard Key.