Certificate in Sleep Medicine

Trainees who are awarded funding through the Research Training Program in Sleep, Circadian and Respiratory Neurobiology are automatically registered in the Certificate Program, and are expected to pursue the requirements outlined below. 

Trainees with alternate funding may also apply to participate in this Research Training Program and earn the certificate of completion. Applicants to the Certificate Program should submit an application and a letter of intent, along with a letter of support from their Preceptor/mentor, for review by the Selection Committee. Participants admitted to the program should arrange to meet with the Program Administrator and Curriculum Advisor at their earliest convenience.

  • Program Requirements

    In order to earn a Certificate in Sleep Medicine from the Harvard Medical School Division of Sleep Medicine, trainees must document* the following:

    • Completion of all course requirements of the Training Program in Sleep, Circadian and Respiratory Neurobiology
    • Completion of Individual Development Plan (IDP) (pdf) reviewed with the trainee's faculty mentor(s).
    • Recorded attendance for at least one full academic year of the Preceptors’ Introductory Sleep Course, and at least three-quarters (seven out of ten annually) of Sleep Grand Rounds presentations during the period of registration in the Certificate Program.
    • One Research-in-Progress presentation on current research to the faculty and fellows of the Training Program and other members of the Division of Sleep Medicine.
    • Letter from faculty mentor describing satisfactory progress of research project(s), and requesting formal acknowledgement of the trainee's completion of Certificate Program requirements.

    It is expected that most trainees will require two years to complete these requirements. Questions not answered by a review of the information on this website should be directed to the Program Administrator at sleep_training@hms.harvard.edu. 

    *Completion of each of these requirements must be documented with the Training Program Administrator. This documentation includes sign-in sheets at lectures, as well as forms that are completed at meetings with the Academic Advisor. Download Certificate Program completion documentation form.

    Trainees completing this program earn a Certificate in Sleep Medicine from the Harvard Medical School Division of Sleep Medicine, which is a certificate of completion of these program requirements. For more information, please review the Program Description, or link directly to any of the program specifics and resources below.