Many faculty in the HMS Division of Sleep Medicine conduct research in human subjects. If you are interested in participating in a research study, please call or send an email to the contact person indicated for that study.

For a complete list of sleep research studies at HMS-affiliated hospitals, please visit Rally.

  • Do you have untreated sleep apnea?

    Brigham and Women’s Hospital seeks male and female volunteers aged 21 to 70, with obstructive sleep apnea or suspected sleep apnea who are not being treated, to participate in a research study investigating how medication may improve sleep apnea in some patients.  

    The study involves one screening visit (about one hour) and four overnights (about 12 hours each) in our Sleep Research Lab at Brigham and Women’s Hospital.  

    You will receive up to $900 total for participating in this study.

    For more information please call Nicole at (617) 732-8977 or e-mail

    Location: Brigham and Women's Hospital
    Study title: A Novel Pharmacological Therapy for Obstructive Sleep Apnea
    Faculty member submitting this notice: Scott Sands, PhD
    Contact for this notice: Lauren Hess,, 617-732-8976
    IRB expiration: 3/17/2021

  • Do you wait to sleep until the afternoon after your night shift? Take part in a survey study!

    Shiftwork and Sleep Habits Survey!

    If you:
    o    Are 18 years old or older
    o    Currently working several night shifts in a row

    You may be eligible to participate in a daily online 5-minute survey to contribute to our understanding of shiftwork, sleep, and daily routines. You will receive a $25 gift card after completing 2 weeks of the daily survey. Use the link below to get started.

    Protocol # 2018-P-000124
    IRB that approved this notice: MGB IRB
    IRB approval expiration date: 3/6/2021
    Study title: Evaluation of work, leisure, and sleep habits in shift workers
    Faculty member responsible for this notice:
    Jeanne Duffy, PhD, MBA
    Contact for this notice: Audra Murphy,, 617-525-8904


  • Help Us Learn More About Circadian Rhythms! 5-day Research Study

    The Division of Sleep Medicine at Brigham & Women’s Hospital is seeking healthy volunteers ages 21-35 to participate in a sleep research study. You must be a non-smoker and not on any medications. You will complete 4 screening visits and must keep a regular sleep schedule for 2 to 4 weeks. If eligible, you will live 5 consecutive days and nights at the sleep research laboratory within the hospital. The purpose of this study is to see if the body’s internal ‘clock’ time can be estimated from a single blood sample. Receive up to $1,800 For more information, call 617-525-8813, e-mail us at or visit

    Protocol # 2019-P-001247
    IRB approval expiration date:
    IRB that approved this notice: MGB IRB
    Location of the study: Brigham and Women's Hospital
    Study title: Biomarkers for Circadian Timing
    Faculty member responsible for this notice:
    Jeanne Duffy, PhD, MBA
    Contact for this notice:
    Mia Friedman,, 617-525-8813




  • Interaction of Melatonin and MTNR1B Genotype on Glucose Control

    Brigham and Women’s Hospital researchers need you!  Looking for adults between the ages of 21 - 55.
    This study will be performed in healthy individuals with genetic variation in a gene called MTNR1B. This gene influences the regulation of blood sugar and has been associated with type 2 diabetes risk. Your genes are passed down from your parents and then passed on to your children. If you are eligible and interested in enrolling in our research study we collect a saliva or blood sample to test your genetic material for the MTNR1B genetic variation.

    Prospective subjects must be healthy Caucasian non-smokers between the ages of 21-55, live in New England, and off most medications (birth control is acceptable).

    Study Description:
    •    Medical Screening at no cost to you.
    •    3 - 4 short screening visits
    •    Must live in New England
    •    One 5-day in-laboratory stay, and/or three 2-day in-laboratory stays at Brigham and Women’s Hospital
    •    Willing to take melatonin
    •    Payment approximately $1,700 for your time.” to “Payment Total for research visits: $1700 for 5-day stay, $2100 for three 2-day stays, $3,800 for both protocols

    To see if you are eligible, please fill out our online survey at and indicate interest as “Melatonin Study”.

    Location of the study: Brigham and Women’s Hospital
    Study title: Interaction of Melatonin and MTNR1B Genotype on Glucose Control
    Faculty member responsible for this notice: Frank Scheer, PhD
    Contact for this notice: Hoa Nguyen,
    IRB expiration: 3/14/2021