Sleep Disordered Breathing Lab

Department of Medicine, Brigham and Women's Hospital
Director: Andrew Wellman, MD, PhD

The Sleep Disordered Breathing Lab focuses on methods for diagnosing endotypes and phenotypes of Sleep Apnea to improve our physiological understanding of this disorder and predict patient outcomes, such as susceptibility to clinical consequences and treatment responses to oral appliances, surgery, and pharmacotherapy.

Current Trainees
  • Atqiya Aishah, PhD
Affiliated Trainees
  • Alison Hu, PhD
  • Neda Esmaeli
Technical Staff
  • Natalie Hayes
  • Molly Kim
  • Colin Brooks
  • Isabel Burdick
  • Madison Preuss
  • Natalie Lawrence
  • David Melton
Administrative Contact

Nicole Calianese
Research Lab Manager

Research Address

221 Longwood Ave, Room 044
Boston, MA 02115