Trainees funded by or otherwise participating in the Research Training Program in Sleep, Circadian and Respiratory Neurobiology will be expected to complete two (2) research statistics courses at an appropriate level including at least 1 advanced course. Under some circumstances the curriculum committee may be able to waive this requirement. Basic courses introduce statistical logic and technique as a basis for clinical decisions and scientific inference, while advanced courses focus on applied biostatistics. Waivers of certain courses or requirements may be obtained by documenting with the Academic Advisor previous completion of the same or an equivalent course. Documentation of waivers must be filed with the program administrator.

Following is a list of previously-approved courses that fulfill this requirement. Other courses can be substituted with approval from the trainee's faculty mentor and Academic Advisor. Documentation of course completion must be filed with the program administrator.

Basic Research Statistics Courses
Introduction to Biostatistics and Epidemiology HST.190/HST.191
Research Statistics course offered through the HMS/MIT HST program. Previously, the contact for this course has been Amy Magiera, E25-518, 258-7084,
For more information, please visit the course website.
Advanced Research Statistics Courses
Training in Biostatistics is offered through the Clinical Effectiveness Program at the Harvard School of Public Health. 
For more information, visit the course website.
Applied Regression for Clinical Research,  BIO 213 (01)
This course is also offered by the Harvard School of Public Health.
For more information, please contact the Registrar's Office, or visit the the course website.

The Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH) offers a variety of basic and advanced courses in statistics, beyond those noted above, that trainees with an interest in clinical epidemiology may wish to consider. The range of offerings includes: Principles of Biostatistics I; Principles of Biostatistics II; Introduction to Statistical Methods (for epidemiology and public health research); Introductory Statistics for Medical Research (applications to clinical research); Statistics for Medical Research, Advanced (biostatistical techniques used in analysis of clinical databases and trials); Statistics for Medical Research, Translational (biostatistical techniques for designed experiments); Regression and Analysis of Variance in Experimental Research; Applied Regression for Clinical Research; 'The Analysis of Rates and Proportions.  HSPH charges a tuition rate of $795 per credit plus a $125 registration fee (2007 rates).

Please refer to the table of Academic Requirements to determine whether a basic or advanced course in research statistics is required or recommended for you. Confirmation of requirements should be made in consultation with your Academic Advisor. 

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