The faculty of the Research Training Program in Sleep, Circadian, and Respiratory Neurobiology have defined a set of required and recommended courses and activities relevant to research training in sleep and sleep and sleep medicine, which comprise the academic/didactic component of this Training Program.

Among the designated courses are several free and open lecture programs organized through the Division of Sleep Medicine, as well as other courses requiring tuition offered through Harvard Medical School, the Harvard School of Public Health, and other programs.

Trainees should refer to the table below in determining whether specific courses are required or recommended for their training. Confirmation of requirements and any requests for waivers must be made in consultation with the trainee's Academic Advisor. Harvard Catalyst Advanced Curriculum Compendium is an online catalog of lectures, seminars, and courses offered by participating hospitals and institutions that target core competencies fundamental to successful clinical investigation.

ACADEMIC REQUIREMENTS Pre-doctoral       Post-doctoral  Required attendance
Preceptors' Introductory Sleep Course Required Required 70%
Sleep Grand Rounds Required Required 70%
Trainee Research-in-Progress Seminars Required Required >50%
Research Ethics Training*
Required Required 8 hours during the first year of training repeated every 4 years; CITI program initial certification plus refresher course every 3 years
Grant Writing Training** Required Required 1 course
Neuroscience Course Recommended Required 1 course
Research Statistics Courses Recommended Required 2 courses
40 hours of Additional Coursework*** Recommended Required 40 hours
Other Recommended Courses and Activities Elective Elective  

Note: A course in Scientific Writing Skills may be an additional requirement for some trainees at the discretion of the mentor and Curriculum Committee.

Advanced Postdoctoral Fellows and some other trainees may be granted waivers of certain courses or requirements by first obtaining the approval of their mentor and then documenting with their Academic Advisor previous completion of the same or an equivalent course. Documentation of waivers must be filed with the program coordinator.

* RCR Course offerings include: HSPH Responsible Conduct of Research and Harvard University FAS Research Administration Services Responsible Conduct of Research Course.

**Please review the Harvard Catalyst Course Catalog for Grant Writing Training offerings.

***Postdoctoral Fellows are can fulfill this requirement by taking 40 hours of coursework during one year that would be useful to the trainee's career. Courses can include a Neuroscience course, or two or more courses in the Harvard School of Public Health Summer Session totaling 40 hours of coursework. Appropriateness will be determined in consultation with each trainee's mentor and Academic Advisor, taking into account prior training and career path.(Some trainees may be recommended to pursue both requirements.) This requirement is separate from the Scientific Writing Skills requirement described above.

OTHER REQUIRED ACTVITIES Pre-doctoral Postdoctoral Required frequency
Submit an application for Individual Funding Required Required Annually
Attend and participate in laboratory/journal club meetings at a laboratory outside the trainee's main emphasis Required Required Varies depending on club requirements
Complete an Individual Development Plan (IDP) with Faculty Mentor Required Required Annually
Meet with Curriculum Adviser and fill out a Curriculum Adviser Meeting Form Required Required Three times per year
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