On October 16, 2007, Editor-in-Chief Stuart F. Quan, MD provided a sneak preview of the first module of the Division of Sleep Medicine's Sleep and Health Education Program to guests at the sixth annual Sleep and Health Benefit Dinner. The 2007 Annual Prize in Sleep Medicine was awarded in celebration of the life and work of Michael Menaker, PhD.

Other highlights of the evening included an inspirational welcome speech by Jeffrey S. Flier, MD, Dean of Harvard Medical School, and the participation of two astronauts joining us from NASA. Captain Michael E. Lopez-Alegria and Commander Sunita L. Williams shared stories of sleep research, daily life and the difficulty of getting a good night's rest on space missions, stimulating questions from scientists and non-scientists alike.

Support for the 2007 Sleep and Health Benefit Dinner was generously provided by the following individuals and organizations:

Underwriters Cephalon, Inc Takeda Pharmaceuticals
     North America
Benefactors Respironics, Inc Sanofi-Aventis, Inc
Patrons Axon Sleep Research 
     Laboratories, Inc
Boehringer Ingelheim 
     Pharmaceuticals, Inc
Farrell Family Foundation
Sepracor, Inc
Sleep Health Centers, LLC
Sponsors Charles A. Czeisler, PhD, MD
Jordan's Furniture
Tempur-Pedic North America
Vanda Pharmaceuticals
Leaders Orfeu M. Buxton, PhD
Maria I. Marmarinos, 
     Catalyst Group
Janet Mullington, PhD
Russell A. Sanna, PhD
David P. White, MD
Faculty Gifts Radhika Basheer, PhD
Dennis A. Dean I
Jeanne F. Duffy, MBA, PhD
Jeffrey M. Ellenbogen, MD
Richard A. Ferber, MD
Elizabeth B. Klerman, PhD, MD
Christopher P. Landrigan, MD
Steven W. Lockley, PhD 
Atul Malhotra, MD
Clifford B. Saper, MD, PhD
Frank A.J.L. Scheer, PhD
Alexander F. Schier, PhD
Steven A. Shea, PhD 
Robert E. Strecker, PhD
John Winkelman, MD, PhD

We would like to express our deepest appreciation for their support.

2007 Sleep and Health Benefit Dinner image gallery

Sleep and Health Benefit Dinner 2007 Photos

Sleep and Health Benefit Dinner 2007 Photos