CNS Disorders of Hypersomnolence

A special interest group (SIG) comprised of clinicians, researchers, trainees, and nurses interested in furthering research and improving clinical care of adults and children with CNS Disorders of Hypersomnolence at Boston Children's Hospital directed by Kiran Maski, MD.

  • Establish standard protocols for PSG and PSG/MSLT testing for diagnosis of CNS Disorders of Hypersomnolence​
  • Establish joint repository of PSG/MSLT/clinical data for data collection and research
  • Promote  research collaboration across HMS sites on the study of CNS Disorders of Hypersomnolence​

Meeting Intervals and Duration: Quarterly

Other Activities (if any): Protocol development for PSG/MSLT testing, extended PSG

Faculty members in this SIG: Kiran Maski, Robert Thomas, Milena Pavlova, Thomas Scammell

Trainees/ Research Fellows in this SIG: Margaret Blattner

Other members (and titles/roles):

Administrative Contact:

Kiran Maski, MD MPH,


Boston Children's Hospital
300 Longwood Ave
Boston, MA 02115