We encourage HMS Division of Sleep Medicine affiliated faculty members and trainees to review the content submission guidelines below if they are interested in submitting content for posting.

  • If you are not currently an affiliate faculty member or trainee, please visit our Affiliation page for more information on how to become a faculty member.

When you are ready to submit content, please forward information to the Division of Sleep Medicine at sleep_medicine@hms.harvard.edu.  Visit our Contact Us page for more information.

  • JOBS: Posting Job Opportunities and Faculty Searches

    Division of Sleep Medicine Faculty and Trainees may submit notices of Job Opportunities to be posted in the News section by completing the Job Opportunity Notice form (doc) and sending this form to sleep_medicine@hms.harvard.edu. These postings will be searchable, and individual job postings can also be linked from email or external websites. 

    All job postings must follow the guidelines of the originating institution for the contents of the description, contacts, and necessary disclaimers. In addition, job postings should include the posting date, and the expiration date of the posting. The HMS Division of Sleep Medicine is not responsible for obtaining or monitoring the status of these notices.

  • PROFILES: Creating or updating your Profile Page

    All Faculty and Trainees affiliated with the HMS Division of Sleep Medicine are encouraged to submit and update regularly their profile content on Harvard Catalyst, so that their Profile Page on this website is up to date. A consistent format is maintained for Profile Pages - see here for the complete guideline. To apply for the Faculty Affiliate position to gain access to a Profile page, please complete the DSM Faculty Affiliate Application form (doc).  Download the Profile Update Template form (doc) for a guide on what information to provide in your Harvard Catalyst profile.

    All Profiles have a field for a photo, which we encourage you to send. Published articles linked in Harvard Catalyst will be displayed on your Profile Page.

  • RESEARCH UNITS: Creating and updating your Research Unit page

    “Research Unit” describes an organized cluster of research. A Research Unit must be recognized as a unit by the Department Chair [or Division Chief] under which it falls administratively.

    Any HMS Division of Sleep Medicine-Affiliated Faculty member who directs a Research Unit (or their designee) may submit a request for a Research Unit webpage. Research Units will be listed on this website (see Research Units), and individual Research Unit web pages will be linked to their corresponding faculty and trainee Profile Pages.


    If you would like to update your current research unit information, please visit the website, copy your group’s entire description onto Microsoft Word and use track changes in the document to provide updates that need to be incorporated.  Please also indicate a member of the research unit who will be responsible, going forward, with updating and maintaining this information on the website. Information that could be updated includes: Research Unit Name, Institution, Department, Director, Description, Faculty, Trainees, Previous Trainees, Staff, Administrative Contact, Website link, Research Address, Photos. If you have a current lab website you would like for us to link to, please let us know. Please email sleep_medicine@hms.harvard.edu with this information. If you would like to include photos, a member portrait should be around 200 pixels wide and 240 pixels tall and group photos should be around 750 pixels wide and/or 500 pixels tall.  These are the allowed photo file types: png gif jpg jpeg.


    To request that a new Research Unit be listed on this website, complete the Research Unit Request Form (doc) and return it to the Division of Sleep Medicine (email: sleep_medicine@hms.harvard.edu). One member of the Research Unit should be designated as responsible for updates, and that person should keep a copy of the completed request form on file.

    All new Research Unit Webpage requests must be accompanied by an email from the responsible Department Chair [or Division Chief], confirming their formal acknowledgement of this Research Unit. Acknowledgements obtained simultaneously for multiple units (to ease administrative burden) are encouraged.

    Please indicate the name of the Department Chair or Division Chief from whom an email letter of confirmation will be sent on the form. Confirmation from the Department or Division Chair may be emailed to sleep_medicine@hms.harvard.edu.

  • TRAINING: Adding or Updating Training Programs and Courses

    Listings of and links to additional clinical and research training opportunities related to sleep or circadian biology at Harvard or an affiliated institution are welcomed, and will be added to the Education and Training section of this site. To add a training program, lecture activity or other training opportunity to this site, please forward a description and any relevant links or downloadable materials to sleep_medicine@hms.harvard.edu.

  • RESOURCES: Resources for the Harvard Sleep community and visitors

    We welcome additional resources, including links, maps, downloadable files, instructions, contact information, guidelines, or any other resource that would serve the sleep community at Harvard, and will be added on request to the Resources section of this site. To submit a resource, please forward a description and any relevant links or downloadable materials to sleep_medicine@hms.harvard.edu.

  • NEWS: Posting News (publications, press releases, news coverage, announcements, awards)

    All Faculty and Trainees are encouraged to submit news items and announcements to sleep_medicine@hms.harvard.edu for posting on this website. Some of these may be featured on our homepage, and all will be posted in the News section of this website.

  • CALENDAR: Posting Events items (lab events, lectures and other activities)

    Any event relevant to some significant portion of the Harvard sleep community may be submitted for listing in the Events section of this website. This may include regular scientific meetings, one-time lectures or lecture series, or other events that members of the Harvard Sleep Community might benefit from attending.

    To submit new or updated Calendar information, please forward to sleep_medicine@hms.harvard.edu.

  • RESEARCH STUDY: Subject Recruitment

    All Harvard Faculty and Trainees affiliated with the Harvard Division of Sleep Medicine may submit notices for posting on the Research Study Subject Recruitment page of the Division’s Academic Website.

    Notices must be study-specific. Anyone submitting a notice must obtain prior IRB approval, and must immediately request the removal of such notices should IRB approval be withdrawn. The Division of Sleep Medicine is not responsible for obtaining or monitoring IRB approval status of recruitment notices.

    Download Subject Recruitment posting request form (doc)

    For more information on this policy, please send an email to sleep_medicine@hms.harvard.edu.

  • SPECIAL INTEREST GROUP: Submitting a request for a new group

    A special interest group (SIG) is a community within a larger organization with a shared interest in advancing a specific area of knowledge, learning or technology where members cooperate to affect or to produce solutions within their particular field, and may communicate, meet, and organize conferences. SIGs are recognized communities of HMS-wide faculty, fellows, and alumni who actively engage around a central unifying purpose, mission, background, or activity beyond Harvard affiliation, school, or regional proximity.

    HMS Division of Sleep Medicine Affiliated Faculty and Fellows are invited to submit a request for an SIG. SIGs will be listed on the Division’s website, and individual SIG web pages will be linked to their corresponding faculty and trainee Profile Pages.  To download the SIG request form, click here.