Training Resources

Clinical Training in Sleep

Find links to Clinical Sleep Training Programs at Harvard-affiliated hospitals. 

Research Training Program in Sleep, Circadian and Respiratory Neurobiology 
The largest research training program in sleep and sleep medicine at Harvard Medical School, with 18 program faculty representing multiple Harvard-affiliated institutions and disciplines, training Pre- and Postdoctoral Fellows, and Underrepresented Medical Students.

Undergraduate Research Opportunities
Through programs at our affiliated institutions under-represented undergraduate students have opportunities to participate in sleep and circadian rhythms research. 

Find applications information, training requirements, academic guidelines, and other information about this program.

Other Training Resources
Find administrative, training and career development resources.

Educational Resources

Sleep Matters Initiative (SMI)

The Sleep Matters Initiative, led by clinicians and researchers at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School, aims to implement evidence-based clinical treatments for sleep and circadian disorders, and to change the culture of sleep. Comprehensive education and screening services are offered through the Sleep Matters Initiative's Sleep and Health Wellness Programs.

Public Education resources

Find resources designed to educate the general public about the importance of sleep and the impact and treatment of sleep disorders.

Seminars, Lectures and Courses 
View academic requirements and recommended courses for the Research Training Program in Sleep, Circadian, and Respiratory Neurobiology. 

Continuing Medical Education (CME) 
Find out what the Division of Sleep Medicine is doing to educate physicians about the importance of sleep, and the diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders.

Medical Education 
Learn about the Division of Sleep Medicine's commitment to enhance medical education in the area of sleep and sleep medicine through new and novel materials and channels.