In the text and links below, please find forms, instructions, and other information regarding site content updates, affiliation with the Division, reimbursement requests, and other administrative questions. If you cannot find what you need here, please contact us.

To request or update your Profile Page
Any HMS Division of Sleep Medicine-Affiliated Faculty member or Trainee may submit a request for a Profile Page. Use the request form below to create a new profile page or submit lengthy updates.

To request or update your Research Unit Page
Any HMS Division of Sleep Medicine-Affiliated Faculty member who directs a Research Unit (or their designee) may submit a request for a Research Unit webpage. To create a new Research Unit page or to submit lengthy updates use the request form below.

To submit a Research Study Subject Recruitment notice
If you have a new recruitment notice or an update for an existing notice for Research Study Subject Recruitment page, use the "Submitting Study Subject Recruitment Notices" form. Any faculty member or fellow submitting a notice request is responsible for obtaining prior IRB approval for the notice, and for immediately requesting its removal in the event that IRB approval is withdrawn.

To submit a Job Opportunity notice
If you have a job opening in your research unit, please use the "Submitting Job Opportunity Notices" form to request its posting on the Division of Sleep Medicine Jobs page. Any faculty member submitting a notice posting request is recommended to request its removal once the position is filled.

To submit or request other updates to this site
If you would like to submit calendar, news or announcements information, please use the contact form and select the appropriate topic heading. Thank you for your assistance in using this tool to maintain order and help us to respond to all requests in a timely fashion.

To request affiliation with the Division of Sleep Medicine
More than 65 Harvard Faculty and their Trainees are affiliated with the Harvard Medical School Division of Sleep Medicine.

To submit a reimbursement request to the Division of Sleep Medicine
If you need to submit a request for pre-approved travel or other expenses, please first review reimbursement instructions.