Evening Public Lecture by Ying-Hui Fu, Ph.D., and Louis Ptáček, M.D.
“Serendipity, Ambition, and Delight: Insights from study of human sleep genetics.”

Considering how important sleep is to our well-being, it is astonishing how little we know about normal sleep and how it is regulated. In this lecture, we will discuss synchronicities leading to our transition into sleep research and ongoing discoveries and serendipity that motivate our continued interest and work. This work represented an ambitious paradigm shift from conventional disease-genetics (identifying and studying genes/mutations causing human diseases) to studies of genetic contributions leading to normal variation in this fascinating human behavior. Studying humans presents many challenges and exciting possibilities. There is great hope that increasing understanding will ultimately present unique opportunities to develop better treatments for sleep disorders. In addition, improving normal sleep is likely to help to promote healthier aging.

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