Setting the Research Agenda for California and Beyond


California law SB328 has recently been passed which mandates that most public middle and high schools in the state implement start times of 8:00 am (middle) and 8:30am (high school) or later by the 2022 school year. Educators and policy makers in California and across the nation are deeply invested in learning about the impact of the start time changes across a broad range of outcomes from a wide variety of disciplines. Cross-disciplinary research is therefore needed to gauge the impact.

Join us for this online summit, which includes pre-recorded video presentations before the Summit, providing a summary of “what we know” by experts in their respective fields. The “live” virtual meeting will be devoted to small group breakout discussion sessions on a variety of topics, including research design and tools, methodological issues, logistical challenges in conducting school-based research and novel approaches, followed by an oral summary of these discussions at the end of the second day for all workshop participants.

Who Should Attend?

Researchers from a wide range of academic backgrounds, including sleep and circadian biology, neuroscience, education, medicine, mental and physical health, public safety, public policy, economics, implementation science, operations research, and diversity science are being invited to participate.  

Learn More

To learn more about the Summit, including the goals, the research topics, the agenda, and how you will become actively involved in the development of research plans, please go to the Summit website: