Christopher Landrigan MD Photo
Christopher Landrigan, M.D., M.P.H.
William Berenberg Professor of Pediatrics, Boston Children's Hospital
Harvard Title

William Berenberg Professor of Pediatrics

Administrative and Hospital Titles

Chief, Division of General Pediatrics
Boston Children's Hospital Research and Fellowship Director
Boston Children’s Hospital Inpatient Program Director
Director, Sleep and Patient Safety Program, Brigham and Women’s Hospital


Children's Hospital
General Pediatrics, Enders 1
300 Longwood Ave.
Boston MA 02115

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The Elephant in the Hospital Room Charge.
Authors: Berry JG, Chiang VW, Landrigan CP.
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Prevalence of Continuous Pulse Oximetry Monitoring in Hospitalized Children With Bronchiolitis Not Requiring Supplemental Oxygen.
Authors: Bonafide CP, Xiao R, Brady PW, Landrigan CP, Brent C, Wolk CB, Bettencourt AP, McLeod L, Barg F, Beidas RS, Schondelmeyer A.
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The Association Between Resident Physician Work-Hour Regulations and Physician Safety and Health.
Authors: Weaver MD, Landrigan CP, Sullivan JP, O'Brien CS, Qadri S, Viyaran N, Wang W, Vetter C, Czeisler CA, Barger LK.
Am J Med
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In Reply to Lawson.
Authors: Calaman S, Brunsberg KA, Landrigan CP.
Acad Med
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Hidden health IT hazards: a qualitative analysis of clinically meaningful documentation discrepancies at transfer out of the pediatric intensive care unit.
Authors: Orenstein EW, Ferro DF, Bonafide CP, Landrigan CP, Gillespie S, Muthu N.
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Association of Pediatric Resident Physician Depression and Burnout With Harmful Medical Errors on Inpatient Services.
Authors: Brunsberg KA, Landrigan CP, Garcia BM, Petty CR, Sectish TC, Simpkin AL, Spector ND, Starmer AJ, West DC, Calaman S.
Acad Med
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Effects on resident work hours, sleep duration, and work experience in a randomized order safety trial evaluating resident-physician schedules (ROSTERS).
Authors: Barger LK, Sullivan JP, Blackwell T, O'Brien CS, St Hilaire MA, Rahman SA, Phillips AJK, Qadri S, Wright KP, Segar JL, McGuire JK, Vitiello MV, de la Iglesia HO, Poynter SE, Yu PL, Zee P, Sanderson AL, Halbower AC, Lockley SW, Landrigan CP, Stone KL, Czeisler CA.
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Communication at Transitions of Care.
Authors: Patel SJ, Landrigan CP.
Pediatr Clin North Am
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Patient Safety under Flexible and Standard Duty-Hour Rules.
Authors: Landrigan CP, Czeisler CA.
N Engl J Med
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"All the ward's a stage": a qualitative study of the experience of direct observation of handoffs.
Authors: Huth K, Schwartz S, Li SA, Weiser N, Mahant S, Landrigan CP, Spector ND, Starmer AJ, West DC, Coffey M, Bismilla Z.
Adv Health Sci Educ Theory Pract
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