Dr. Francis Doyle III Image

Francis J. Doyle III, Ph.D.

John A. & Elizabeth S. Armstrong Professor of Bioengineering
Harvard Title

John A. and Elizabeth S. Armstrong Professor of Bioengineering

Administrative and Hospital Titles

Dean, Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences

Other Affiliations

Harvard Paulson School of Engineering & Applied Sciences


Harvard University
Pierce Hall 217
29 Oxford St
Cambridge MA 02138

Selected Publications 

R.S. Parker, F.J. Doyle III, and N.A. Peppas, “A Model-based Algorithm for Blood Glucose Control in Type I Diabetic Patients”, IEEE Trans. Biomed. Eng., 46, 148-157, 1999.

H. P. Mirsky, A.C. Liu, D.K. Welsh, S.A. Kay, and F.J. Doyle III, “A Model of the Cell Autonomous Mammalian Circadian Clock”, PNAS, 106, 11107-11112, 2009.

T. Hirota, J. Lee, P. St. John, M. Sawa, K. Iwaisako, T. Noguchi, P. Pongsawakul, T. Sonntag, D. Welsh, D. Brenner, F.J. Doyle III, P. Schultz, and S. Kay, “Identification of Small Molecule Activators of Cryptochrome”, Science, 337, 1094-1097, 2012.

B.P. Kovatchev, E. Renard, C. Cobelli, H.C. Zisser, P. Keith-Hynes, S.M. Anderson, S.A. Brown, D.R. Chernavvsky, M.D. Breton, A. Farret, M.-J. Pelletier, J. Place, D. Bruttomesso, S. Del Favero, R. Visentin,  A. Filippi, R. Scotton, A. Avogaro, F.J. Doyle III, “Feasibility of Outpatient Fully Integrated Closed-loop Control: First Studies of Wearable Artificial Pancreas”, Diabetes Care, 36, 1851-1858, 2013.

E. Dassau, H. Zisser, R. Harvey, M. Percival, B. Grosman, W. Bevier, D.E. Seborg, L. Jovanovic, and F.J. Doyle III, “Clinical Evaluation of a Personalized Artificial Pancreas”, Diabetes Care, 36, 801-809, 2013.

P.C. St. John, T. Hirota, S.A. Kay, and F.J. Doyle III, “Spatiotemporal separation of PER and CRY post-translational regulation in the mammailian circadian clock”, Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA, 111, 2040-2045, 2014.

F.J. Doyle III, L.M. Huyett, J.B. Lee, H.C. Zisser, and E. Dassau, “Closed-Loop Artificial Pancreas Systems: Engineering the Algorithms”, Diabetes Care, 37, 1191-1197, 2014.

G.S. Thakur, B.J. Daigle, Jr., K.R. Dean, Y. Zhang, M. Rodriguez-Fernandez, R. Hammamieh, R. Yang, M. Jett, J. Palma, L.R. Petzold, and F.J. Doyle III, “Systems Biology Aproach to Understanding Post-traumatic Stress Disorder”, Molecular BioSystems, 11, 980-993, 2015