Dr. Hannah Kinney
Hannah C. Kinney, M.D.
Professor of Pathology, Emerita
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Professor of Pathology, Emerita

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Boston Children's Hospital


Childrens Hospital
300 Longwood Ave  
Boston MA 02115

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Concurrent prenatal drinking and smoking increases risk for SIDS: Safe Passage Study report.
Authors: Elliott AJ, Kinney HC, Haynes RL, Dempers JD, Wright C, Fifer WP, Angal J, Boyd TK, Burd L, Burger E, Folkerth RD, Groenewald C, Hankins G, Hereld D, Hoffman HJ, Holm IA, Myers MM, Nelsen LL, Odendaal HJ, Petersen J, Randall BB, Roberts DJ, Robinson F, Schubert P, Sens MA, Sullivan LM, Tripp T, Van Eerden P, Wadee S, Willinger M, Zaharie D, Dukes KA.
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Pre-loss personal factors and prolonged grief disorder in bereaved mothers.
Authors: Goldstein RD, Petty CR, Morris SE, Human M, Odendaal H, Elliott A, Tobacco D, Angal J, Brink L, Kinney HC, Prigerson HG.
Psychol Med
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The Serotonin Brainstem Hypothesis for the Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.
Authors: Kinney HC, Haynes RL.
J Neuropathol Exp Neurol
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Mutations in NRXN1 and NRXN2 in a patient with early-onset epileptic encephalopathy and respiratory depression.
Authors: Rochtus AM, Trowbridge S, Goldstein RD, Sheidley BR, Prabhu SP, Haynes R, Kinney HC, Poduri AH.
Cold Spring Harb Mol Case Stud
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The Grief of Mothers After the Sudden Unexpected Death of Their Infants.
Authors: Goldstein RD, Lederman RI, Lichtenthal WG, Morris SE, Human M, Elliott AJ, Tobacco D, Angal J, Odendaal H, Kinney HC, Prigerson HG.
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SCN1A variants associated with sudden infant death syndrome.
Authors: Brownstein CA, Goldstein RD, Thompson CH, Haynes RL, Giles E, Sheidley B, Bainbridge M, Haas EA, Mena OJ, Lucas J, Schaber B, Holm IA, George AL, Kinney HC, Poduri AH.
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White matter spongiosis with vigabatrin therapy for infantile spasms.
Authors: Pearl PL, Poduri A, Prabhu SP, Harini C, Goldstein R, Atkinson RM, Armstrong D, Kinney H.
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Bereaved mothers' attitudes regarding autopsy of their stillborn baby.
Authors: Human M, Goldstein RD, Groenewald CA, Kinney HC, Odendaal HJ.
S Afr J Obstet Gynaecol (1999)
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The Stillbirth Classification System for the Safe Passage Study.
Authors: Boyd TK, Wright CA, Odendaal HJ, Elliott AJ, Sens MA, Folkerth RD, Roberts DJ, Kinney HC.
Pediatr Dev Pathol
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A modified Timeline Followback assessment to capture alcohol exposure in pregnant women: Application in the Safe Passage Study.
Authors: Dukes K, Tripp T, Petersen J, Robinson F, Odendaal H, Elliott A, Willinger M, Hereld D, Raffo C, Kinney HC, Groenewald C, Angal J, Young R, Burd L.
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