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Jessie Patricia Bakker, Ph.D.
Lecturer on Medicine, Part-time
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Lecturer on Medicine, Part-time

Administrative and Hospital Titles

Associate Epidemiologist, Division of Sleep and Circadian Disorders, Departments of Medicine and Neurology, Brigham and Women's Hospital


Division of Sleep and Circadian Disorders
221 Longwood Avenue, Suite BL230
Boston, MA 02115

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Neighborhoods with Greater Prevalence of Minority Residents Have Lower CPAP Adherence.
Authors: Authors: Borker PV, Carmona E, Essien UR, Saeed GJ, Nouraie SM, Bakker JP, Stitt CJ, Aloia MS, Patel SR.
Am J Respir Crit Care Med
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Estimating sleep stages using cardiorespiratory signals: validation of a novel algorithm across a wide range of sleep-disordered breathing severity.
Authors: Authors: Bakker JP, Ross M, Vasko R, Cerny A, Fonseca P, Jasko J, Shaw E, White DP, Anderer P.
J Clin Sleep Med
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Piecing Together the Puzzle of Adherence in Sleep Medicine.
Authors: Authors: Bakker JP.
Sleep Med Clin
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Fit-for-Purpose Biometric Monitoring Technologies: Leveraging the Laboratory Biomarker Experience.
Authors: Authors: Godfrey A, Vandendriessche B, Bakker JP, Fitzer-Attas C, Gujar N, Hobbs M, Liu Q, Northcott CA, Parks V, Wood WA, Zipunnikov V, Wagner JA, Izmailova ES.
Clin Transl Sci
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Age and gender disparities in adherence to continuous positive airway pressure.
Authors: Authors: Patel SR, Bakker JP, Stitt CJ, Aloia MS, Nouraie SM.
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The Effect of Continuous Positive Airway Pressure on Vascular Function and Cardiac Structure in Diabetes and Sleep Apnea. A Randomized Controlled Trial.
Authors: Authors: Bakker JP, Baltzis D, Tecilazich F, Chan RH, Manning WJ, Neilan TG, Wallace ML, Hudson M, Malhotra A, Patel SR, Veves A.
Ann Am Thorac Soc
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Pediatric Adenotonsillectomy Trial for Snoring (PATS): protocol for a randomised controlled trial to evaluate the effect of adenotonsillectomy in treating mild obstructive sleep-disordered breathing.
Authors: Authors: Wang R, Bakker JP, Chervin RD, Garetz SL, Hassan F, Ishman SL, Mitchell RB, Morrical MG, Naqvi SK, Radcliffe J, Riggan EI, Rosen CL, Ross K, Rueschman M, Tapia IE, Taylor HG, Zopf DA, Redline S.
BMJ Open
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Verification, analytical validation, and clinical validation (V3): the foundation of determining fit-for-purpose for Biometric Monitoring Technologies (BioMeTs).
Authors: Authors: Goldsack JC, Coravos A, Bakker JP, Bent B, Dowling AV, Fitzer-Attas C, Godfrey A, Godino JG, Gujar N, Izmailova E, Manta C, Peterson B, Vandendriessche B, Wood WA, Wang KW, Dunn J.
NPJ Digit Med
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A Qualitative Assessment of the Acceptability of Smartphone Applications for Improving Sleep Behaviors in Low-Income and Minority Adolescents.
Authors: Authors: Quante M, Khandpur N, Kontos EZ, Bakker JP, Owens JA, Redline S.
Behav Sleep Med
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Advancing the Use of Mobile Technologies in Clinical Trials: Recommendations from the Clinical Trials Transformation Initiative.
Authors: Authors: Coran P, Goldsack JC, Grandinetti CA, Bakker JP, Bolognese M, Dorsey ER, Vasisht K, Amdur A, Dell C, Helfgott J, Kirchoff M, Miller CJ, Narayan A, Patel D, Peterson B, Ramirez E, Schiller D, Switzer T, Wing L, Forrest A, Doherty A.
Digit Biomark
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