Dr. Kevin Gipson

Kevin Gipson, M.D.

Instructor in Pediatrics
Harvard Title

Instructor in Pediatrics

Hospital and Administrative Title

Assistant in Pediatrics, Massachusetts General Hospital


Massachusetts General Hospital
55 Fruit St
Boston MA 02114

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The Great ESKAPE: Exploring the Crossroads of Bile and Antibiotic Resistance in Bacterial Pathogens.
Authors: Gipson KS, Nickerson KP, Drenkard E, Llanos-Chea A, Dogiparthi SK, Lanter BB, Hibbler RM, Yonker LM, Hurley BP, Faherty CS.
Infect Immun
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Bronchiectasis in Primary Antibody Deficiencies: A Multidisciplinary Approach.
Authors: Wall LA, Wisner EL, Gipson KS, Sorensen RU.
Front Immunol
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Preclinical assessment of resorbable silk splints for the treatment of pediatric tracheomalacia.
Authors: McGill M, Raol N, Gipson KS, Bowe SN, Fulk-Logan J, Nourmahnad A, Chung JY, Whalen MJ, Kaplan DL, Hartnick CJ.
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Sleep-Disordered Breathing in Children.
Authors: Gipson K, Lu M, Kinane TB.
Pediatr Rev
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Molecular Confirmation of Ascaris suum: Further Investigation into the Zoonotic Origin of Infection in an 8-Year-Old Boy with Loeffler Syndrome.
Authors: Avery RH, Wall LA, Verhoeve VI, Gipson KS, Malone JB.
Vector Borne Zoonotic Dis
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Management and outcomes of congenital chylothorax in the neonatal intensive care unit: A case series.
Authors: Healy H, Gipson K, Hay S, Bates S, Kinane TB.
Pediatr Investig
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Bégué, John Malone, Luke A
Authors: Kevin Gipson, Ryan Avery, Heena Shah, Derek Pepiak, Rodolfo E