The Division of Sleep Medicine Announces New Virtual Seminar Series

We are pleased to announce a new virtual seminar series: Computational Approaches to Signal Processing for Sleep. This series part of the Sleep Neurophysiological Signal Processing Core within the Program in Sleep Medicine Epidemiology at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. The goal of this series will be to provide an improved understanding of signal processing basics and best practices to sleep researchers and clinicians, with a long term aim of bringing new methods of signal processing to the regular attention of field. No prior mathematical or signal processing knowledge is required.

While numerous exciting developments in signal processing and computational modeling have rapidly been adopted as the standard across numerous diverse fields, these approaches remain uncommon within the study of sleep. One of the main reason for this is there have been few resources that cross divide between the math/engineering literature and sleep science. This seminar series aim to fill that gap.

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These seminars, which are open to the public, are designed to be accessible to all without the need for a strong mathematical background. Each talk will have a didactic component, which will describe the methods or practices in question, and an application component, which will show ways of applying these techniques to sleep or related data. By the end of each seminar, you should understand a new set of concepts and have the ability to think of ways of applying those concepts to your own research.

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