SFARI workshop explores sleep challenges in autism spectrum disorder

From the Simons Foundation Website


Sleep problems often accompany autism spectrum disorder (ASD), though poor sleep is not currently considered to be one of the core features of the condition. Yet sleep disturbances can worsen the severity of other autism traits and challenge family members and caretakers of people with autism. While the causal relationship between sleep disturbance and autism symptom severity remains unknown, finding ways to remedy sleep has the potential to make real improvements in the health and well-being of people with autism and their family members. To examine what is known about sleep in autism, and to brainstorm approaches to improving sleep, SFARI convened a two-day online workshop on June 25 and 28, 2021, that brought together diverse researchers, pharmaceutical companies and family organizations to investigate different aspects of sleep in ASD and related neuropsychiatric disorders.


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  • why is sleep important?
  • measuring sleep 
  • slow waves and sleep spindles 
  • sleep endpoints 
  • sleep studies in the home