Insomnia is the fifth in a series of websites produced by the Harvard Medical School Division of Sleep Medicine (DSM). The project seeks to translate medical and scientific research on sleep in accessible and useful ways for a general audience. The DSM is doing this in the hopes that clear, accurate information will help individuals improve their sleep, a vital component of human health. This module provides information on insomnia for people with insomnia, their family, friends, colleagues, and teachers. Although it is intended for a lay audience, nonspecialist medical professionals may find it useful. On this website, you’ll find information on the symptoms of insomia, the theories about why insomnia occurs, tips for improving sleep, and ways insomnia is diagnosed and treated. Video profiles of patients highlight the impact insomnia has had on their lives and the benefits of diagnosis and treatment. Their comments reflect their individual experiences and should not be considered medical advice. Additionally, there are interviews with experts who provide additional background information on some of the science underlying why we have cycles of sleep and wakefulness, and how to diagnose and treat insomnia. All of the material on this site has been prepared under the direction of the editor-in-chief of the DSM's Sleep and Health Education Program, Dr. Stuart Quan. The site's content has been reviewed by members of the DSM faculty. This site was originally launched on August 1, 2021, and is maintained by the Harvard Medical School Division of Sleep Medicine.For a complete list of the personnel involved in the creation of this site, please visit the Credits page.