What Is Narcolepsy?

Understanding Narcolepsy

Dr. Scammell explains the types, symptoms, and cause of narcolepsy. 

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The Myth of Sleep Attacks in Narcolepsy (0:27)

Dr. Scammell addresses the myth of "sleep attacks" in narcolepsy.

Responding to Cataplexy (0:29)

Dr. Scammell explains how to respond to someone experiencing an episode of cataplexy.

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The Science of Narcolepsy

Hypocretin Loss (0:46)

Dr. Scammell explains hypocretin loss in narcolepsy.

Genetics (0:53)

Dr. Scammell discusses a gene that appears to play a role in narcolepsy with cataplexy. 

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Living with Narcolepsy

Daily Life

Living with Narcolepsy (5:23)

A group of patients and parents share their experiences with and strategies for managing narcolepsy.

Being an Advocate (0:21)

Narcolepsy educator Lisa Rezza talks about the importance of advocacy.

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At School

Finding Support (0:24)

Narcolepsy educator Lisa Rezza explains school support resources available to students and their families.

Napping (0:34)

Patient Audrey Cross comments on the benefits of taking a nap at school.

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At Work

Workplace Considerations (0:33)

Narcolepsy educator Lisa Rezza describes workplace accommodations that may be available. 

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Risk of Injury from Cataplexy (0.31)

Dr. Kirsch discusses safety risk of cataplexy.

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Diagnosing Narcolepsy


Diagnosing Narcolepsy (6:14)

Liza and Tom are diagnosed with narcolepsy

Sleepiness in Teens (0:45)

Dr. Kirsch notes some reasons why narcolepsy may go undetected in teenagers. 

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Epworth Sleepiness Scale

Measuring Sleepiness (0:50)

Dr. Scammell explains the Epworth Sleepiness Scale.

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Getting a Diagnosis

Getting a Diagnosis (0:32)

Patient Audrey Cross talks about what a diagnosis of narcolepsy meant to her.

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Diagnostic Tests (1:13)

Dr. Scammell describes how a polysomnogram and a multiple sleep latency test (MSLT) are used in diagnosing narcolepsy.

Keeping a Sleep Diary (0:40)

Dr. Maski explains the value of using a sleep diary.

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Treating Narcolepsy


Treating Narcolepsy (5:29)

Dr. Kirsch explains treatments for narcolepsy.

Napping to Manage Daytime Sleepiness (0:26)

Dr. Scammell talks about the value of naps in treating narcolepsy.

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Categories of Medication (0:18)

Dr. Scammell describes the broad classes of medications used to treat narcolepsy.

Medications (0:49)

Dr. Kirsch discusses the role of medications in treating narcolepsy.

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Developing New Treatments

Ongoing Research (0:30)

Dr. Scammell outlines some current themes in narcolepsy research.

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