Image of Richard Kronauer, PhD

Richard E. Kronauer, PhD
Gordon McKay Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Emeritus
Harvard University, Faculty of Arts and Sciences

Awarded in celebration of the life and work of Richard E. Kronauer, trailblazer in the application of mathematics to sleep and circadian rhythms.

  • Pioneering developer of a dynamic mathematical model of the effects of light on human circadian rhythms, including the non-linear effects of light intensity, duration, and wavelength;
  • Undaunted modeler of the sleep/wake homeostat;
  • Inspired co-creator of a model of the effects of circadian rhythms and sleep/wake homeostasis on human performance and alertness;
  • Master of scientific insight into the patterns underlying circadian rhythms;
  • Innovative designer of experimental protocols;
  • Scientific father, mentor and friend to a generation of circadian researchers.

Harvard Medical School
Division of Sleep Medicine
2008 Annual Prize in Sleep Medicine Recipient

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